NTTX Group

NTTXPortcullis Public Affairs and NTTX have formed a new and exciting alliance, built on and inspired by our shared values and complementary services and capabilities. NTTX is a thought-leader within the transport and technology sectors and enjoys a deep and indeed enviable working relationship with Microsoft. Together, NTTX and Microsoft are championing innovation within the transport industry. NTTX also has specialist expertise in the safety and risk management fields, operating at Board level with leading organisations across the transport sector, so the combined NTTX and Portcullis offering makes a truly compelling proposition.

An established and respected business, with 12 years’ history of providing engineering, safety management and technology solutions, NTTX is a thought-leader in each of these fields. NTTX and Portcullis Public Affairs share similar philosophies. Each is committed to excellence – both in their teams and through the services they deliver, and both value technical excellence and personal integrity. This approach appeals not only to clients but also to everyone who represents their businesses.

NTTX’s range of advanced IT services in Big Data, Managed Solutions and Hosting are created and run by a team which possesses unique experience in the industry. This team, some members of which are regarded as pioneers in Cloud services, are highly respected internationally by their IT peers. The team has strong working relationships with global giants, Dell and Microsoft. So strong is the association with Microsoft, in fact, that NTTX’s engineering team has its own dedicated lab facilities at Microsoft’s Redmond campus and visits several times a year to work with Microsoft’s own core engineering team.

Creating a ‘perfect’ IT solution is a complex business, and the challenges involved in pulling together the multiple layers which form that solution are not to be under-estimated. These challenges can stem from any point in the solution’s development, from the hardware itself, right through to end-user interaction. Thanks to their years of experience in creating end-to-end solutions, the NTTX team evaluates and builds solutions holistically, keeping in mind the client’s core requirements and ensuring that the entire system is created to meet them using unique and proven methodologies. Thanks to their direct access to Microsoft’s future technologies and solutions, NTTX’s system and solution design and architecture is built not only upon today’s ‘best of breed’ technology, but is also informed by their deep understanding of how that technology will be developed in the future.

NTTX’s breadth of knowledge of all aspects of IT, expertly combined with their highly respected engineering experience, knowledge and capabilities in rail sector, provides clients with a unique and innovative perspective and service.

For more information about how NTTX can help your business please visit or alternatively make contact as follows:

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