Abelard_logoAbelard consults with businesses which want to outperform their markets and become truly remarkable.  Life is too short for any of us to be running mediocre businesses when remarkable businesses thrive and grow. 

Remarkable businesses deliver great and memorable service to the right people in the right way. Their exceptional implementation requires well designed strategy built on phenomenal business clarity and a compelling and shared vision. 

So, Abelard does three things which clients clearly value over the long-term:

•    Clarify, and improve, the business model;
•    Build, and lock, value in its clients’ businesses;
•    Scale, sustainably, through collaboration.

In return, Abelard asks that if something changes, or you need to change something, that we are your first phone call.  Abelard wants to be your first choice strategic advisor.

Abelard and Portcullis Public Affairs work jointly to help clients conceive, develop and deliver sustainable business strategies – securing deep clarity about where they are, where they want to be and how they are going to realise their shared and agreed vision in practical terms.

Clients benefit from the joint application of Abelard’s experience, processes and skills, whilst drawing upon the heavyweight strategic communications and political capabilities of Portcullis Public Affairs when difficult policy changes or decisions are required.

Abelard’s clients include the Arch Insurance, Association of British Insurers, BAe Systems, Dearson Group, Diageo, Inpress PR, Institute of Directors, Irenicon, Lloyds TSB and SRA Books.

More about Abelard at: abelard-uk.com or at hello@abelard-uk.com or at +44 7880 794127 / +44 1291 622598