Portcullis Public Affairs is a leading government and strategic communications consultancy with over 25 years’ experience offering advice to some of the UK’s most prominent companies, charities and other organisations.

Specialities include public affairs, government relations in the UK and Europe, crisis management and reputation management, offline and online.  Our mission is to help Government reach better policy decisions.

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Budget 2017 – Make or break, or just about do?

Prior to this year’s Budget Statement the Prime Minister delivered what could reasonably be described as an ‘OK performance’ at PMQs. The questions were thorny as usual but Mrs May … [Read More...]

Panic At The Disco

One of the most common words being heard at the 2017 Conservative Party Conference is “panic”. The old fear they are losing the young, the Brexiteers fear they are losing the moral … [Read More...]

Upcoming German Election – a new Bundestag

Few people are in doubt as to the broad outcome of the upcoming German election on 24th September. Although Leader of the Social Democrats and former President of the European … [Read More...]

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