Portcullis Public Affairs is a leading government and strategic communications consultancy with over 25 years’ experience offering advice to some of the UK’s most prominent companies, charities and other organisations.

Specialities include public affairs, government relations in the UK and Europe, crisis management and reputation management, offline and online.  Our mission is to help Government reach better policy decisions.

Portcullis has recently formed a partnership with MAP BioPharma so that together they provide a special combination of public affairs capabilities and detailed market analysis. For details of MAP BioPharma use the tab above.

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A most sombre affair

Prior to the Chancellor’s statement this year there was one of the most discordant opening sequences to Prime Minister’s Questions in recent memory as the Opposition led by Jeremy … [Read More...]

The Rise, Fall and Future of Jeremy Corbyn

As the disunity and infighting in the Parliamentary Labour Party looks set to continue for months to come, it’s worth reminding ourselves how Labour came to be in this position in … [Read More...]

Independence day?

The tectonic plates are shifting. A political earthquake has hit the UK, stunning the London elite and the political classes. No more important decision has been made in my 65 year … [Read More...]

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