Portcullis Public Affairs is a leading government and strategic communications consultancy with over 25 years’ experience offering advice to some of the UK’s most prominent companies, charities and other organisations.

Specialities include public affairs, government relations in the UK and Europe, crisis management and reputation management, offline and online.  Our mission is to help Government reach better policy decisions.

Portcullis has recently formed a partnership with MAP BioPharma so that together they provide a special combination of public affairs capabilities and detailed market analysis. For details of MAP BioPharma use the tab above.

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PPA General Election 2017 Twitter Reaction Roundup

Top tweets of Reactions to #GE17 9 June 2017 Twitter users have been vocal throughout the night but now we have the final results let’s check out the reaction to … [Read More...]

Oh what a night… and what it means

Theresa May asked the country for a strong mandate; the country gave her a clear message. What happened? The Conservatives were expected to return to government with an … [Read More...]

PPA General Election 2017 Twitter Roundup

Twitter’s reaction to #GeneralElection17 has been entertaining to say the least. Here are some of the tweets that stood out most for us. We will start the roundup with a call to … [Read More...]

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